In partnership with TONTARRA and                         we offer likewise a state-of-the-art minimal invasive product portfolio, including a multi-faceted offer of top-notch telescopes system solutions as well as a wide range of matching accessories.

All of our highly-sophisticated Endoscopy systems are compatible with all common equipments of well-established and renowned market providers.

Endoscopic disciplines






GUBBINI - System

The original GUBBINI Mini Hystero-Resectoscope  offers  a working diameter of 16mm which was  initially introduced in the year 2010, the GUBBINI line was extended over the years by 3 slightly modified hybrid instruments sets of which each is applicable in both, a mono- or bipolar surgical environment, offering a full range of accessories.
There is a tremendous potential for either GUBBINI system, no matter whether sized 14.9 Fr. or 16 Fr. to herald the start of a new era in minimal invasive field of Gynegological diagnostic and therapy offering to patients a much less traumatizing surgical intervention.


All instruments are made in Tuttlingen (Germany)

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